Friday, 24 July 2015

Current bedroom scene, my love of linen and the irony of sitting around in bed reading a book called ‘Born to Run’.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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Chia, Chocolate & Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie.

100g buckwheat
1tbsp lemon juice
100g raspberries
1 tbsp honey
1 banana
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
4 drops of vanilla essence with pods
pinch of chia seeds
pinch of cacao
pinch of shredded coconut
dark chocolate broken into chunks

Its been a little while since I have made a recipe as I have been busy getting my cookbook ready for publishing this Autumn, which is very exciting for me. This is a chocolate version of this recipe.

Place the buckwheat in a cup and cover with water and the lemon juice. Leave it to sit over night, then drain and set aside.

In a blender place your raspberries and honey, then blend until smooth and pour into a cup. Clean the blender, then add the buckwheat, banana, cacao powder, vanilla and blend well until smooth.

Pour 1/3rd into a glass, then pour in a little of the fruit blend. Add the buckwheat and blend again, do this in layers until full, use a spoon to make swirl patterns if desired. It will make two small glasses or one large one. Top with chia seeds, cacao powder, shredded coconut and dark chocolate chunks.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

For the beautiful weather we have been having recently, I bought myself a causal blue dress from H&M. It is soft, airy and it goes perfectly with my straw Panama hat, the Daniel Wellington watch, a little gold necklace, my Zara tote bag in stone and some new sandals by Topshop.

Recent Instagrams; lucie_eleanor

Just The Essentials.
I am not a girl who enjoys owning a lot of excess. I stick to the fewer, simpler things motto - This works well for me because I cannot focus properly around clutter. I like to apply this motto to my makeup too; if I cannot fit everything in my makeup bag, then I think there is too much, not to mention laziness means I always prefer a quick natural face routine. 
On my face I use my homemade oil based moisturiser - the recipe for which can be found on and at the end of the day I use Tropic Smoothing Cleanser with Organic Bamboo Face Cloth; it removes makeup and dirt easily without having to scrub at your face with a wet wipe. 
If I am keeping my makeup minimal I usually opt for Lavera Mascara in Black (which has lasted me a year and half wearing it everyday) and some Tropic Sculpting Palette in Coral Blush on my cheek bones. 
I have talked a little on my blog about my side project, Alchemy Natural and how I have been using organic natural makeup. Tropic Pure Effects Beauty Booster is a great foundation, I don’t wear it everyday instead keeping it for evenings out. I also love my Tropic Silk Lip Liner Stripped and Lavera Eyeliner in Black.  
Lately my favourite place to shop has become Muji. I love their style so I bought myself some beauty implements i.e. toothbrush, cotton buds and tweezers, from their store in central London. I only own three nails polishes but my favourite one of is Velvet Touch by Rimmel, it is a matte grey colour and I use it all the time so it always stays in my makeup bag. Lastly I have been using my homemade oil based fragrance ‘Wild Grass’ which I will be launching soon on my Natural Living blog.
For more natural living recipes & reviews, please see my other project Alchemy Natural.